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Online Privacy Policy LASER GAME ENTREPRISE®

Laser Game Company (then referred herein as "Laser Game"), a French company located in France, developing next-generation entertainment brands specially Laser Game Evolution, respects the privacy of its on-line visitors and recognize that it is important to provide a safe environment because of the information it collects. It is therefore important to offer these online visitors an explanatory document on how their personal data is collected, processed and used (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy"). This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which Laser Game guarantees the protection of privacy rights of its on-line visitors. By visiting this website you agree to this Privacy Policy. When you access other sites through links on the websites of Laser Game, the Laser Game Privacy Policy no longer applies, the activities of such other sites beyond our control. Also, this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please conduct periodic reinterpretations to make sure you do not ignore any changes. A date update informs you of the date on which occurred the latest changes. This Privacy Policy applies to Laser Game following websites: Laser Game also has other domain names that direct to the websites listed above for whom privacy policy also applies. In addition, we can add Internet sites which may not be listed, but which provide a link to this Privacy Policy and respect the terms.

What personal information do we collect data and how do we use it ?

Laser Game only collects personal information in compliance with applicable law. If an online visitor data entrusted to Laser Game, it will be for the following reasons: (1) the purchase of goods and services in the on-line shopping; (2) registration for products or for an account; (3) access to personalized services for players; (4) the warranty registration; (5) the registration for the competition; (6) a claim; and / or (7) for technical assistance or contact Customer Service, (8) a business website, (9) use forums and / or (10) sending emails to refer friends, (10 ) sending emails to invite friends, (1) registration for newsletters. For the reasons explained above, Laser Game may ask you to provide certain personal information, including your name, street address, telephone number, email address, age and / or date of birth. We do not require this information if you are just visiting our sites, but you can not access certain areas of these sites, like forums without registering, or receive items such as our information mail without providing a certain personal data. All visitors purchasing products or services at our online stores will provide additional information, such as a valid credit card number and expiration date. Laser Game adopted the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that sets requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data, particularly with regard to payments by credit card (for any information about the ICP DSS, please visit https: //, English). We collect, keep and / or use data from your credit card in agreement with the ICP DSS.

What other information do we collect and how do we use it ?

It is possible that you had to create a user name and password for some of your activities on our sites, and / or provide non-identifiable information and / or registered such as your age, date of birth, gender, mailing address and / or preferences play centers, and to associate them with your personal information. In addition, your browser may transmit certain geographic Laser Game or information regarding the configuration of your computer (processing power, capacity, etc.). Laser Game may use that data to generate statistics on its community of players and provide them its trading partners. In addition, Laser Game will also use this information to enhance security, system integrity (prevention of piracy, cheating, etc.) or building purposes.

What are cookies and how do we use it ?

Cookies are small data files transferred to your hard drive by the websites you visit. Cookies stored on your computer can be used to recall details such as your password, authentication or a previous recording. Laser Game may use cookies on its Internet sites to keep track of your connection, so you do not have to continually enter your login on our sites. Laser Game may use cookies to collect information about the sections of the sites you visit, the products you are interested in and to keep track of your navigation on its websites. Most Internet browsers accept cookies by default. You can block or set your browser to receive a warning before cookies are saved on your computer. If you prefer that no cookie is installed on your hard drive, we advise you to refer to the manual of your browser or the help window for more information. Nevertheless, the cookies may be necessary for the operation of certain applications on our sites. By blocking so you may not be able to access certain applications.

What are IP (Internet Protocol) and how do we use it ?

An IP address is the number assigned to your server or your computer by your Internet Service Provider ("ISP"). Laser Game may require these IP addresses for system administration or for account authentication, system administration or transmit collective information. Laser Game may also use IP addresses to limit the use of its servers from any system to prevent the misuse of such servers. We may sometimes use these IP addresses and associate them with a particular account or user if we feel that the conditions of use have been violated or at the request of the judicial authorities.

Who collects, processes and uses your information ?

When you visit a Laser Game site and you are asked to provide information, you are sharing that information with Laser Game, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Some services are provided in collaboration with partner companies: Laser Game may share your personal information with these partner companies, in particular the centers of Laser Game Evolution network, Laser Lander Yoo Moov, Game Laser Equipment, Laser Game Communication for good running those services. If a company other than Laser Game collects personal information, you will be notified before this operation. In any event the transfer of personal data to another company will be with your express permission. The data you send via our forms on Laser Game sites will be sent only to Laser Game after clicking "Send" or "OK." You can suspend the transfer of data at any time by quitting the form screen, for example by closing the browser window before sending your data No information will be then transmitted to Laser Game. Remember that advertisers and websites linked to our sites via a link may collect personal data about you. We remind you that the Laser Game Privacy Policy does not apply to these advertisers and such other sites since we do not have any control over them

How can your personal information be used ?

The personal data you provide to Laser Game will allow us to fulfill your orders and to provide you with information, customer support and online booking as well as keep you informed about our news and our improvements and / or our contests, special occasions and events if you wish. If you consent, we can also supply your personal information to other companies or organizations that offer products of interest to you. Finally, we may use your personal data to establish internal marketing statistics, consumer profiles or demographic, so we can fit more precisely our products and services to your needs. Our goal is to better understand and serve our customers.

With whom your information could they be shared ?

Generally, Laser Game no one to transmit information about you unless we have your permission. However, we may have to disclose this data to third party vendors to fulfill an order or for the transfer of commercial mail. In some cases, we may also disclose this information if our License Agreements have been violated or if we believe in good faith that the law requires. As with any business, your personal data is also owned by Laser Game and form part of our commercial archives. For this reason, in case of merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy or similar event, your personal data can be transferred to the successor of Laser Game or his assignee.

What are your rights regarding the collect, use and distribution of your personal data ?

Laser Game allows you to control how we use the personal information we obtain. Commercial Laser Game mails could send you (the "newsletters" or "information letter" for example) have internal procedures to Opt Out of Further by unsubscribing. You can also contact us if you want to change the way we use your personal information, as the possibility for Laser Game, the parent company or a subsidiary to send you or not electronic or standard mail regarding our products or services. You can contact us at the following address: Laser Game Communication, 88 rue du Port - 59000 Lille - France. You can also contact us by email: and tell us which services or publications you wish to unsubscribe in order that we respond better to your needs. What is the level of security of your personal data? Laser Game makes its possible to protect the data you send and keep them in their original form, unaltered. In this light, access to personal data is strictly monitored. In addition, we will do everything possible to ensure that third parties to whom the information is sent guarantee an appropriate level of security.

What can you do if you want to correct or review your personal data ?

If for any reason you are concerned about how we collect personal data if you want to access, modify, correct or if you want us to remove it from our servers, please contact Laser Game 88 rue du Communication Port 59000 Lille. You can also contact us by mail: Clearing your personal data will cause the deletion of your account and applicable services.

What can you do if you have questions or complaints to make ?

For any question, please write to us by postal mail at: Laser Game Communication - 88 rue du Port - 59000 Lille - France

What is the security level of your personal data?

Laser Game makes a point that the data you send us is protected and remain in their original form, that is to say without alteration. In this sense, access to all private data is strictly controlled. In addition, we will do our best to ensure that third parties to whom we may pass information provide sufficient security guarantees on personal information.

If you are parents

We feel a special obligation to protect information obtained from young children. We urge parents to give education to their children to never give out their name, address or phone numbers without permission when on-line. No information should be submitted to Laser Game by minors of twelve years or less. Laser Game undertakes not to treat knowingly data provided by minors aged 12 or less. Teenagers between 13 and 17 years old should ask their parents to read our Privacy Policy and to contact us if they want information about our privacy safeguards or give us any reflection. Minors under 18 years of age should not order or subscribe to a paid service on-line without the permission of their parents or guardians. We ask parents or guardians to be particularly vigilant and ensure that their minors do not transgress when through our sites or online services.

Visit the websites and use online services Laser Game indicates your acceptance of the Privacy Policy Laser Game. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website and do not use our online services. This Privacy Policy was updated for the last time on December
13 2014. In the event of any differences in translations or interpretations, the French version shall prevail.